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Ultimate 2020 Guide to Reduce Moving Cost

18 Mar 2024

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reduce moving costs

Thinking of living in your new home comes with a lot of anticipation and excitement. The thoughts of moving in, however, leave you with otherwise feelings. Although the process demands much time and effort, however, it doesn’t have to swallow all your savings. Reduce Moving Cost can cause you a lot of stress, but there are many methods for reducing it. You probably know the quantity and value of your belongings determine how much to invest in your relocation and reliable mover.


Although saving costs is possible through DIY moves, but you will be faced with some hidden costs as well as many challenges to deal with. Most moves take place between May and September, so your total reduce moving costs can also be affected by your timing. Timing aside, the more of the task you handle on your own, the more money you can save on your move. Although it is nice to relax and watch people do the move for you, there is no crime saving some bucks for yourself. Fortunately for you, there are many ways you can reduce moving cost, which you should not hesitate to try.


Below are some of the helpful tricks to save and move on a tight, Reduce Moving Cost.

Declutter you Home

Make sure you declutter your belongings thoroughly before you book a moving company. This will not only allow you to have a fresh start at setting up your new home, but it will also reduce moving costs for the number of items you are relocating. Moving with few numbers of items will reduce the amount charged by your reduce moving costs company. You can sell, donate, or recycle your unwanted belongings to make some money, which can be added to your moving budget to minimize cost further.
Allow Flexibility on your Moving Date

Your moving price will be affected by the time and day you are moving your household. Do not move on a Friday, bank holiday, weekend, or summer as the demand for moving companies is always at peak during these times, thereby giving rise to moving prices. You are likely to get a better deal on your reduce moving costs if you reserve a mover in advance with flexibility on the date of your relocation.
Use Free Packing Materials

Use old cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, newspapers, and towels as well as other packing items you’ve stored up from deliveries all through the year to save cost on buying new packing supplies. Bedsheets and towels are also useful in wrapping your fragile items while you save some money. Store up cardboard boxes from deliveries of large items. You can find cardboard boxes at your local café or shop. Also remember to ask any of your friends or closed pal for leftovers of their packing materials from their just-completed move.
Compare the Costs of DIY with Professional Services

Do not make the assumption that moving yourself will be less expensive than hiring a professional moving company. Although renting a moving truck looks more good of a deal, however, most DIY-ers spent much energy and time on the move only to realize they’ve spent a lot on moving truck than they would have spent on expert movers. You will be able to determine the best option for you from these tips for weighing your options.

Get at least 3 moving quotes from different professional moving companies for better comparison. Negotiating with moving companies is so possible, regardless of your thoughts. Studies show that moving companies lower their prices for up to 30% during their off-seasons so you would get a better deal if you can time your move towards winter or fall.
Conduct a background check by checking reviews on Yelp, and ask for recommendations from recent customers and checking the safety and fitness of electronic record system at the United States Department of Transportation. Make sure you disassemble your IKEA furniture yourself if you are moving with professional movers to avoid being charged for such services.
If you still see DIY as a more affordable option, then we advised you to organize your move to avoid peak hours. Whether the vehicle you are using is your own or from a rental company, getting it stuck in traffic will increase the gas mileage problem as it is likely loaded and full to the brim. We suggest that you carry out your move at off-peak hours to avoid headaches and safe money and time.
You can consider portable storage units if you are testing boundaries between hiring a professional moving companies and tipping your friends to assist with the relocation. Many companies offer storage services, although PODS is probably the most popular of them all. You load the container with your items; the company hauls it to your new residence where you unload it. That is quite fascinating!

Pack up your Household Belongings by Yourself

It is advisable to pack your household items yourself to save some cost on your relocation as full-service move on its own is very expensive. Handling a part of your move by yourself is one of the best ways to save some money on the overall reduce Moving Cost. Be smart when packing your belongings by yourself. You seriously don’t want to hire professional packers to pack your books in moving boxes for you. Similarly, there is no point in paying professional packers to help you to box your clothes and shoes when you can do these on your own.
Remember to take out these Expenses

Check if your company offers a standard moving coverage if you are relocating for work, and your moving costs are not being covered. Even if all your costs are not being covered, some companies offer a certain amount as standard to their staff. Although the standard amount may not cover anything, however, it will reduce your expense on the move. Make sure you explore every possible option when relocating so that you can save some extra money. The affordable move requires proper planning, so do not forget to plan before you embark on your move.
Are you ready to move?

Are you ready to move and looking for a way to reduce your cost? The above tips will go a long way. Also, Community Movers is here to help you move on budget. We will take care of your move from the beginning to the end.


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