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2 Apr 2024

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To have a Logistic Industry stress-free move across the country, you need proper planning. You may be able to use old cardboard boxes gotten from a local shop or café for your local move, but using it for a long-distance move may leave you disappointed. Fragile items require safe and proper packing. On a long-distance moving companies drive, many things happen to boxes such as shifting, lifting, and stacking. You have to ensure that your packing materials used for your long-distance move can resist all these transport challenges.

The first thing you will need regardless of the type and distance of your move is moving boxes, a lot of them. However, consider the 3 categorized tips given below to choose the right moving boxes for your upcoming Logistic Industry move.


#1 Identify which Packing Supplies to use 

Different packing materials will be required depending on what item you are packing. Some packing requires extra knowledge and carefulness even though some items may be stacked anyhow. You have to ensure the safety of your heirlooms by using the appropriate materials during the Latest tech in Logistic Industry move. Below is a quick recap of packing supplies to keep with you during packing:
  • Boxes: T0he popular cardboard box is one of the essential materials you will need for packing. This is where you will keep all your possessions and send them off to your new destination home. Gather sturdy boxes made from cardboard. You can use double-padded boxes to pack heavy items as they will hold the items much better due to the weight.
  • Tape: Shipping tape, which is popularly used to close up boxes, will be required for your packing. It is an essential packing material as it will be used to seal every box you used in packing. You will want to seal every packed box using tape to avoid items falling off while the Latest tech in Logistic Industry movers are carrying them around. You can also hold some painter’s tape with you for proper labeling of your belongings. You can also use the masking tape to join foam or add protection to furniture without labeling it.
  • Bubble Wrap: Bubble wrap is available in different bubble sizes. The smaller ones are used for dishes, cups, and mugs, while the bigger bubbles are used for large items like furniture. If you plan to use bubble wrap, make sure they are all inflated and then wrap your delicate stuff in it, and tape properly. Make sure you fold and tape the ends to avoid items slipping out of the protective hole. Larger items can be entirely wrapped in bubble wrap and tape or wrap important areas like the corners before loading them onto the moving truck.
  • Newspaper or Packing Paper: Newspaper or packing paper can be used to pack and protect your fragile items if you want to avoid the use of plastic packing materials. You can scrunch and stuff newspaper in cups or glasses while you wrap other items in different and many layers of paper for proper protection. Crumpled balls of paper can also be used as added security in a box. These will fill up the boxes while you close it.
  • Scissors: You will need scissors to cut packing materials such as tape while packing. Place a sharp pair of scissors at every packing area as you might need it at any point during packing.
  • Markers: The labeling of every box is very important. This will help you unpack efficiently at your new home after the move. You won’t want to start tossing everything because you couldn’t find your linens the first night in your new home. Labeling, however, is your choice. Some people list out every content of each box on the side of the moving box. This might take a lot of time, but it will assure you of what to find before you open a box. You can choose to label with a quick reminder of what is in the box, such as cooking or even the room name.
  • Labels or Dot Stickers: You can either use printed room names or colored dot stickers for quick labeling. Just give each room a color and indicate each room on the box using the dots. You have to inform your Latest tech in Logistic Industry movers about your doting system if they will be helping you move the boxes to their corresponding rooms while you also place dot sticker on each room’s door, so they know exactly where to place each box. These basics will help you to pack all your belongings neatly and securely. The next step is about unpacking in your new home, but the color codes and labeling will come of great help here.

#2 Choosing the Appropriate Logistic Industry Supplies

  • Inspect them properly: Do not grab boxes from your local grocery or discount store. Those boxes have probably come in contact with food and other sugary items, which might cause bug infestations in your new home. It will be too early to face such in your new home.
  • Consider buying new: It is advisable to put consideration on buying new corrugated moving boxes. Their first use will be for your move, and they are also capable of handling your moving needs, unlike cardboard boxes gotten from grocery stores.

Use different sizes:

Make use of various sizes of moving boxes. You probably have heard of it before, that size is significant. Put the right pole in the right hole.
  • Small boxes are the best to use for books, action figures, collectibles, and soon. These boxes can hold the combined weight of smaller items once they are properly taped.
  • Medium boxes are the best to use to hold gadgets, as well as kitchen and bathroom items. They can also hold different drawers in your home. Pad these boxes with padding materials to avoid a collision while in transit.
  • Large Boxes are the best to use for pillows, comforters, lamps, and other large or bulky items. These items won’t stress the moving box, and they won’t break your back.
  • Also, remember wardrobe boxes as well. You can hang dresses and shirts on the reinforced bars, so you don’t spend much time folding and unfolding clothing.

#3 Divide and Internally Conquer

Use internal corrugated dividers to separate your fragile items like heirlooms, glasses, or vases. You can also keep special cutlery or glasses in mailing tubes. To have more peace of mind, use packing paper or bubble cushioning to fill extra space for more protection of your items.


Using the right Latest tech in Logistic Industry moving boxes can make a huge difference between a bad moving experience and a good one. You can always get packing materials needed for your packing needs from the Latest tech in Logistic Industry to ensure the smoothness of your move. Community Movers is always available to help your move from planning to unloading of your items. Good Luck!

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